April 28, 2018

KPOP is the most nominated Off-Broadway show of the year whaaaaaat??


I've had a few days to process, but it's still so incredibly surreal and exciting that Helen Park & I got nominated for Outstanding Music, Lyrics, and Musical. Also I have 2 months rent left in my bank account yaaaaaaas. Hooray for #cognitivedissonance !! This is how it all went down:

Titus and Jane Krakowski!!! (who I used to aspire to be when I was ten, cuz Ally McBeal) 
‍Not to mention the Lortel Awards, where we got 9 nominations including Best Musical. 

At the Lortel Nominee Breakfast a good time was had. I got schwasted on mimomas, stuffed my face with quiche, and had a kiki with friend and newly Pulitzer'd Martyna Majok, Sarah Gancher, Kirsten Childs, and my KPOP fam.


In the middle of all this Award Season Madness, through the American Theatre Wing, I had this beautiful experience Mentoring a high school student named David Volpini, who was competing for a $25,000 College Scholarship. I think they paired us bc he was writing a zombie musical, and I am also a weirdo freak so they were like "hayyyyyy!" I was a fierce tiger mom, David worked super hard, and HE WON THE GRAND PRIZE. I was so freaking proud. There is hope for the future yet. Although I also learned that 17 year olds have never heard of Rent, and now I feel old (turning 30 next month!)... 


While the judges were deliberating, I got to debut a tune from the Tattooed Lady, my new musical in collab with playwright Erin Courtney. I think I freaked everyone the fuqqqq out?? Mission accomplished!


In all seriousness, I've experienced so much rejection over the last ten years, I feel like a f*cking warrior just for getting through it and continuing to write these strange, cult musicals. None of these awards'll truly mean anything in the grander scheme, but I am grateful and proud of what my KPOP family accomplished. And gurl, get ready bc I am going to serve you lewks on that red carpet like the theatre world has never f*cking seen. Til next time xo

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