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March 7, 2019

vids vids vids

ICYMI here's some clips from the 4th installment of ELCL, which had a self-love theme in honor of Valentine's Day- and gave me an opportunity to tell some of my own story and show the grit underneath all this glitter. Luckily I had these fierce queens to back me up: Kenita Miller, Bonnie Milligan, Larry Owens, Jaime Cepero, and Brittain Ashford!

Y'all better put some respect on Kenita Miller's name!

No peacocks were harmed in the making of this outfit except me.

Bonnie Milligan???? Excuse me ma'am!!! This vocal tho!!!

Who said you can't write a catchy tap dancing ditty and change out of assless chaps into a sequin dress in under 30 seconds? You truly can have it all. PS Keepin' it in the fam with my cousin Emma Vernon on tap.

Then I got deep and sung about trees

And finished by dousing the stage in a tastefully large wash of blue and silver glitter. Even after I'm long gone, my trail of sparkles shall live on in Joe's Pub forever.

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