Existential Life Crisis Lullaby pt 4

February 18, 2019

The madness continues

The spring extension of Existential Life Crisis Lullaby is now underway with 3 more shows- Feb 26th, March 19th, and April 23rd.

Roll the footage!!

In honor of Valentine's Day, Feb 26th show will have a radical self-love theme. This is going to be a **very** personal show, that will bring you the GRIT underneath the glitter. But also a lot of f*cking glitter if we're being real.

Special guests include Bonnie Milligan (Head Over Heels), Larry Owens (A Strange Loop), Brittain Ashford (Great Comet), Kenita Miller (Once on This Island), Jaime Cepero (Smash), as well as the vocal stylings of Michelle Geosits, Gianna Masi, and Avery Leigh Draut.

Tickets for next tuesday are almost sold out. It's going to be extraordinary. Grab yours here