October 1, 2017

It's been a wild two months. The beast known as KPOP has landed in New York and our run has been a very sold out, confetti drenched, soju fueled, labyrinthian, exhausting, inspiring, neon candy colored tornado of WTF pop insanity.

The New York Times wrote a dope article profilling some of our KPOP stars and sharing two of our songs "So in Love" and "Se Nam Ja":

The New Yorker shot this beautiful pic of Ashley Park all rainbow pop-ified like

Tamar Herman, Billboard's KPOP writer, wrote this incredible, smart piece on how race & cultural identity feature in our show and the KPOP industry at large:

while Playbill took a tour of the inside of our factory:

In the process of training our KPOP stars, Helen and I picked up a lil choreo. We are ready to go on at a moment's notice! 
‍I stole MwE (aka Ashley Park)'s hat. Who wore it better? 
‍Fan art got drawn: 
‍ music got recorded: 
‍Lewks got pulled, with half of my wardrobe now imported from Asia

Previews at times were stressful AF (we got evacuated by the fire department 5 times from haze??? the show initially ran 4 hours. songs got cut, jason kim threw out a dictionary worth of pages, woodshed collective glued 2389038209 capis shells to a wall, production meetings went til 3 am and we all got home every night at never o'clock cause the MTA b busted) Here is our collective resting bitch face serving you I haven't sleep in a month cause I sold my soul to off-broadway:


but we pulled that shit together, tightened it up like it was on meathooks, burned every remaining ounce of midnight oil and created something unique and moving and strange that I am very proud of. And then look! We all showered and got pretty and opened this mutha!

KPOP runs thru Oct 21st, most of our extension is sold out, so grab tix b4 it's too late and come join us in the factory:

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