Mentoring the Next Generation of MT Writers

October 23, 2019

Cultivate the little seed of weird inside high school songwriters

I've had the privilege and pleasure to mentor high school musical theatre writers for the past two years via American Theatre Wing and National Endowment for the Arts l've been blown away by the talent, vision and potential of these young writers from across the country.

I'm a tough, but loving professor, and always make sure my students come away with disturbingly catchy choruses, meaningful character exploration, and a comprehensive understanding on the history of eyeshadow.

If you know any talented high schoolers who might benefit from this program please send them this link below!!!!

This year my two students were Emalee Flatness from Missouri, and Sophia Schwaner from Virginia. I got to work with two MD's I am quite fond of - Ben Rauhala and Daniel Lincoln.

Here's some photo/video of our shenanigans: 

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