OUT100 WHAT???

November 20, 2017

Somehow yr girl ended up on the Out100 this year, as an influential gay. I accept this honor, and promise to do my very best in spreading radical queer fabulosity and encouraging the proliferation of bedazzled caftans.


‍And here's a cute B-side shot by Roger Ericksonlil
Mischevious red head Greg Garry also encouraged a guerilla photoshoot in Chinatown's diamond district which lead to this most epic boomerang :P
‍A few weeks after the shoot, I went with my man and TVU swing, Anthony Alfaro to the Out100 party, where we rocked some & in the same room as Janet Jackson and Chelsea Manning. lewkskiki'd
‍Look at this beautiful boy! How'd I get so lucky??

What fresh gay adventures await? ...stay tuned!

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