Tonya Pinkins slays The Tattooed Lady

September 21, 2018

A world premiere on Playbill

Playbill has the exclusive world premiere of "Home at Last" From The Tattooed Lady, which somehow managed to get all three "proud den mother of the radical motherfuckers" in without censorship!!! I am **obsessed** with everything about this video from Tonya's neon yellow glasses, to our crack up ensemble Cathy Ang Avery Leigh Draut Morgan Meadows. The pic in the video is actually of Maud Wagner (also in our musical), but I think we made Nora Hildebrandt's spirit proud yesterday. Hope ya'll enjoy!! 💃

ps Thank you Anessa Marie (piano) Ellie Heyman (director) and Erin Courtney (bookwriter), and Roberto Araujo (video)

plz watch below, or click here:

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