Existential Life Crisis Lullaby pt 2

October 23, 2018

A decadently queer glam rock night of wonder

Another fabulous show- this time directed by Jaki Bradley, and starring Alice Ripley, Ethan Slater, Nathan Lee Graham, Stephen Trask, Wesley Taylor, and Sophia Ramos.

Existential Life Crisis Lullaby pt 2 was focused on The View UpStairs, and so naturally I had to up the reveal to fit the gay pre-aids utopian 70s aesthetic. Thankfully my entire family and boyfriend's family were in the audience to witness -_-

And then bc the View UpStairs takes place back in 1973, I helped everyone with my Time Travel magic powers (spoiler: having magical lighting from Jake DeGroot helps quite a bit!!)

Once back in 1973, Sophia Ramos gave us the T on what life was like back then and slayed tha motherf*cking house down.

Then Ethan Slater bolstered our spirit back with a little dose of bittersweet optimism.

Hoping I won't have to change the lyric for this song for the Encores at City Center revival 20 years from now :/

The inimitable Nathan Lee Graham then delivered a sermon on the mount: 

I finally got to play with my favorite TVU costume (designed by Anita Yavich) - the Jack in the Box bra that Aurora Whorealis wore:

Since this concert happened around the time of the Kavanaugh hearings (where I was seriously disturbed by Trump mocking Dr Ford at his rallies and all the women behind him laughing as he called a victim of sexual assault a "very evil person") I decided to talk about an experience in which I was molested at an arcade on the pier when I was in high school. I then sang "Waltz" from the View UpStairs, a song that kind of terrifies me for a few reasons, but I am proud of this performance: 

Then as an extra special guest, Tony Award winner Alice Ripley came and sang "Last Woman Standing" from the Tattooed Lady.

Also this happened, so there's that.

If there was one message that summarized the entire evening it was this: 

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