Existential Life Crisis Lullaby pt 3

November 28, 2018

KPOP stars, the apocalypse, and peacocks oh my

Started my final show of 2018 out by letting ya'll know I am my own emotional support peacock.

For this final concert, I premiered a bunch of music from my new musical Show & Tell, about the apocalypse. So naturally, that included a song about contouring and eyeshadow. Also plz watch this vid if you need receipts that Grace McLean is a muthaf*ckin BEAST.

George Salazar, soon to be Broadway star of Be More Chill came and slayed a song from TVU:

Mykal Kilgore, vocal god, sang "Time Capsule" from Show & Tell- a song about aliens, kim kardashian, trump rallies, lost memories, and the internet collapsing.

I trotted out my 12 year old Googly Eye suit and some memories of being escorted into clubs by Sophia Lamar back when I was a 19 year old LES hipster fashionista club kid bitch.

Then tried on my new favorite sequin dress and sang a song about immigration, masturbation, and radicalization. Commercial, no?? 

And Iconic badass Mary Testa closed things out with a dope interpretation of "Last Woman Standing" from The Tattooed Lady

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