Goodspeed Festival of New Musicals

January 5, 2020

rewrites, breakthroughs, and whiskey oh my!

Just returned from a 2 week residency at Goodspeed Opera House, where Team Tattooed Lady had some major breakthroughs.

We got to work with lovely, precociously talented students from both Boston Conservatory and the Hartt Schools. And I do mean precocious considering some of these students were tasked with playing 80 year old characters :P 

Here's a glimpse into what our creative process was:

Our time in East Haddam, CT culminated in a sold out public reading in the Opera House, attended by approx 400 people who were...not my typical audience to say the least, but surprisingly seemed to really vibe with the show?!??? 

I think we definitely convinced some of them to go back to the Freak Show alongside Ida, our Tattooed Lady ;)

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